Privacy really is about to die. Come on, folks! Act now!

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And the EU will shortly implement its Chat Control. These laws will, at best, undermine encryption. At worst, they’ll turn our devices into 1984-style telescreens with built-in state-controlled AI for spying, which is what Apple has attempted to achieve.

Come on, folks! We must begin yelling from the rooftops. Spreading the word everywhere, placing large, noticeable banners on personal and project websites, and maybe even in actual apps. Do you recall the anti-SOPA movement? Ah, those were the days.


An ordinary impact like Spartan upbringing: Agoge - Wikipedia , but for some reason your cognitive system does not want to adapt to such norms, hmmm… :thinking:, maybe they are not skillfully wielding Proxemics.

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because of…?

Just kidding. Should have deleted my comment earlier.

As I’ve said many times: the EU is simply a wolf in sheep’s clothing – they are not our friend.


Trust me, none of the govt agencies worldwide is anyone’s friend. Rather you never know if the person next to you is trustworthy or not. So many things happen daily and it makes it more and more difficult to remain trusting.

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Technical forum F/LOSS can touch interesting, but slippery lines of the discussion… .

have you got a hard time accepting that government agencies don’t care about you

Probably difficult in “human—government-agencies” in hard time, take care of “human—citizens”, if they do not distinguish tehnical or psyhology forums.
But the lawsuit could be interesting: John Bull vs …?
& India can be a convenient place to find some fool there and remotely use smartphones on his behalf.

although probably all hackers who do not live by registration, probably know, that it is best to use a tablet with gms, which supposedly belongs to a neighbor behind the wall, with the most secret signal messenger, for calling with a mistress …

But you have hourly reminder of how government cares about your privacy by cookie warning that you have to accept on every website you want to visit.

And even file managers have suspicious names “My files”, if use it often, there may be suspicious ideas, of searching different files.

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One of the actions against privacy death everyone can do: I’m reading the German Kuketz IT-Security Blog and follow the privacy-respecting app recommendations. Have a wonderful day everyone! :wink:


Looks like something good. Thanks for the suggestion.:slight_smile:


Politicians never get it for some reason, they want to manage things that they completely fail to understand.

Not only are such laws and measures very dangerous, they’re 100% useless against the people they are meant to stop.

Circumventing this stupid mess for a bad guy is as easy as finding an open source PGP implementation that’s developed and maintained by a community instead of a company that operates in the UK, and there are dozens such implementations, and then encrypting whatever they wanna hide before sending it.

On the other hand, spying on outside people will become much easier not just for the govt but for anyone with the know-how… including all kinds of nefarious people.

Stupidity is the most dangerous human quality… perhaps they should make it illegal to hold public office when you’re so hopelessly dumb. Trying to ban strong encryption is like trying to ban math.

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and even the ban on numbers, was once in Arabia, and mathematical relationships are easily understood by looking at three objects.

Does F-Droid have something like “warrant canary” or trancparency report Google about requests user information ?
For actions similar to the German law of 16 June 2021 on the introduction of spyware, or because of the current confrontations in the world.
(probably for f-droid contributors it is not necessary to write in a topic with that name)

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Users? We have Forum users… yes: No user accounts, by design | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

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