Privacy On Phone

3, 5, 7 already. How many more? Lols…
Anyways, as for myself, when I used to make Xtended ROMs for OP5 along with Mukesh, I used to replace for myself almost whatever possible with FOSS/FLOSS and remove as much dependent proprietary stuff as possible.

If I may suggest something - I came into this thread to read more about good practices for Android and to find some recommendation for my non-technical friends. I’m ok with discussing missing patches details, but why not move such discussion to a more technical thread?
I assume my non-technical friends if reading this thread might think - wow… this open source/FOSS is “piece of sh…t” - lacking latest patches and maybe fdroid is insecure too. I have also seen couple of other posts which if read by someone not capable to judge impact and risk related to it could have build very bad impression about software which is not accurate, and will push them into GPlay repository “because it has only positive reviews on youtube” (due to smart censorship and monetization rules there).
So guys - I encourage you to discuss kernel and patching, but maybe forum admin should create subforum named “development” and start thread with some positive but detailed description - “additional kernel patches for …”
You maybe do not realize your discussion is read by many people which build their opinions and knowledge on your “bashing” and due to lack of technical knowledge attribute topics discussed to whole ecosystem. It’s just the matter of language, but your language is crucial for whole community and it’s users. Fdroid is repositiory easy to use for non-tech folks, and to keep them involved - they need some level of trust and I just want to make sure you can step in and build that trust too.
Feel free to suggest “improvements” or “upgrades” - either to kernel or userspace apps, it’s just a matter of wording (sorry, Im not a native english speaker but hope you understand what I mean).
Be specific and focus on details. Don’t use generalization and instead pointing out what’s missing - point out what could be done to make world better. Show others how they can help or contribute.
Your opinions are important but may result something opposite you wanted.

Well they’re getting to see how the sausage is made. Most folks don’t want to know because they assume it’s gruesome. (Actually, I’ve made sausage and I think it’s more hilariously phallic than gruesome, but let’s not disgress :slight_smile:

Tough skin helps. Linus himself littered maillists with awful language that wouldn’t pass public relations tests, so the kernel began this way.

I found the detail early on in this thread. FDroid’s privacy is dependent on: a) the user and b) the OS. FDroid running on stock or OEM Android can’t provide the kind of privacy asked for even in the hands of a contentious user. That’s the general takeaway I got from this thread.

So FDroid apps running on a OSes that have Google’s “phone home” completely removed is what privacy contentious users want. Which OS would that be? Well that conversation evidently causes lots of colorful debate.

Personally, I still think a PinePhone OS & app manager or similar device moves the mark even further towards what “hardcore” users really want, but there’s substantial barriers to their general use. And this is an FDroid forum, not a Android alternative forum. But there you have it – some specific details.

Pixel 6, 6a 6 Pro seem to be a good place to start if you want privacy on a phone as they support GraphenOS and have support for several years.

Indeed, since Brax is tutoring those lemmings under Google, Apple, etc, he would have to be on their platforms to be able to share his knowledge to unwitting flocks about their privacy issues. Surely, Google, Apple, etc likely would be viewing him as a wolf wearing sheep clothes sneaking within the fences of their sheep pasture but Google, Apple, etc actually are the bigger badder wolves. Brax phone may not be for us but more for Brax’s audience cuz those gullibilities are what he’s zeroing at. At least, Brax is teaching his audience something that Google, Apple, etc never would.

That is why his channel is good for learning about privacy and security but I would never get his closed source phone.

Brax’s phone is an overpriced Android with a Custom Rom that you can easily install yourself. If im not mistaken.

Ordering a pre-setup privacy phone, especially if they add their own tweaks just adds more to trust issues too me.

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