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Deleted? Why, a split in the fabric?

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Omg it is so bad!
I tried Firejail in the past, but I couldn’t open Firefox or any other browser, I could never check why, I’m kind of dumb.

I suggest you open a new topic for this

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So the lesson is, as always, be careful what you install and run, and rarely grant root privilege.

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Goes for every kind of Computer :+1:

The BraX2 phone is built off AOSP code with his own customisations, apparently. I’d love a far more affordable model (half the price) without all the frills, plus a removable battery. In the meantime, the second-hand market is still preferable to me.


The BraX2 phone is built off AOSP code with his own customisations

were you able to find a link to the source code for it?

second-hand market is still preferable to me.

So a Galaxy S5 with DivestOS? :grinning:

S5 is one of my favourites, yes! I’d take that over any of the new phones available today. Several earlier removable battery Note models are good too. I haven’t tried DivestOS yet but that day will come.

In one of his videos, Rob has said that the source code needs to be cleaned up before being made available, but apparently it will be. I haven’t investigated.

has said that the source code needs to be cleaned up before being made available,

Oh have I heard that before. :roll_eyes:

I find most companies that sell “Privacy Oriented” phones just throw LOS or GrapheneOS on them plus an extra $150-200
Such as privacyphoneshop… And some screw that up by installing privacy invsding junk right back on it.

Have yet to see a company with their own open source AOSP build for privacy.
Lately keep hearing non tech people talk about the QPhone taking over, complete privacy and possibly made by Steve Jobs as he faked his death… Good laugh though…

Is DivestOS for the Pixel 3a XL still being maintained? Took a peek on the site a saw you have it listed as broken.


Pixel 3a XL still being maintained

There is currently a strange issue where I cannot compile bonito/sargo on Android 11.
I’ve asked a few people about it and know one can figure it out.
Hopefully once LineageOS 19.1 stabilizes and I rebase onto it, it’ll compile again.

Heh. I think he will come good, otherwise there will be a kerfuffle. He is too visible not to come good on that (if he hasn’t already).

No, some people are too gullible and unaware. “You can fool some of the people all of the time. You can fool all of the people some of the time.”

Two more reasons I would not trust Braxman or believe anything he says without verification:

(1) When I start torbrowser and go to brax dot me, NoScript shows me it wants “gstatic dot com”

When I view source, I find:

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

It’s fairly innocuous, but unless I’m mistaken, it gives google a log entry for every view of the homepage with javascript allowed.

(2) When I go to robbraxman dot com, https everywhere notices it is a non-https page, and asks if I want to proceed anyway or disable on this site. “Be aware that disabling this option could make your browser vulnerable to network-based downgrade attacks on websites you visit.”

These two things alone tell me he is not really “committed to privacy” as he says. After that, the rest is just bla bla bla without substance.

“You can’t fool all the people all the time.”

Or maybe I’m mistaken and overly concerned…

I think in the same terms when facing those situations. Can’t claim to be a privacy advocate for yourself and more importantly others if your own website is collecting info and sending it to the big guys.
Have ran acrosa many privacy sites that were very unfriendly with Tor, idc Cloudflares reasons for requiring captchas, etc as the privacy advocates should be avoiding them all together for that reason.

Privacy is spelled with: AWS, Google, Microsoft and Cloudflare…

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Don’t forget Apple, they are current hero’s for not giving FB user data… For “free”…


The BraX Phone 2 (?) appears appears to be a UMIDIGI (Power 3?) with a MT6771, modified Android 10, and a kernel from 933 days ago (4.14.141).

Might not be the Power 3 exactly because the camera looks slightly different from website image (it isn’t shown in video) but the baseband version, kernel version, holepunch camera, and speaker grill are identical.

This is a $100 phone on Alibaba, and marked up by Brax to $379.

I don’t think you are. I am apalled he is using Google’s infrastructure. Which is why his app will never be seen on f-droid too.

Good point

Ooh. Interesting. I have a theory that he is being slow on
releasing source code so he can sell as many phones as he can (with nice profit) before others catch on.

Pinephone was my daily again … for about 2 weeks. Now you see I’m back here on F-Droid.

PP has come a long way in the 2 years that I’ve repeatedly tried switching to it, but dropped voice calls – like while talking to my manager, or the guy towing my car! --, and missed text messages – like important ones from your partner – still happen. Doesn’t matter if the phone is on a nightly or stable for the various OSes. And the new PPro is the same modem as the original PP, so those users are in the same bucket.

The PP/Pro would actually be a great device for someone like @cord_winder who doesn’t use a SIM and wants physically shut off things like GPS :slight_smile:

Mmm, not always. I will say this for the Pine64 company: they are hella organized! Great content, regular announcements, etc. They spell out how to disable things like geolocation. Compare their wiki & forums, or Mobian’s or Ubuntu Touch, compared to XDA – wow, XDA is a mess now compared to the Cyanogenmod days. So-called flashing “Guides” that forum users say doesn’t take on their phones but the author doesn’t reply and then there’s a follow-up guide on how to revert to stock :open_mouth:

So F-Droid to the rescue again.

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I got nav almost working on my PP with OSMScout backing PureMaps. The location worked, the offline maps worked, but actual live turn-by-turn did not work :frowning:

The problem with voice calls on PP are many:

  • audio volume needs raising but raising too much causes echo
  • noise, such as ticking
  • dropped calls
  • VoLTE profile mapping

The PP folks do indeed say “voice just works” but Devil in Details here. It seems to me most PP Daily Drivers don’t actually make many phone calls.

The VoLTE problem is starting to rear it’s ugly head this year with the carriers terminating 2G/3G service. PP folks started reporting no calls and my guess it’s because their modems weren’t actually doing VoLTE but doing fallback. The PP modem can do VoLTE, sure, but it doesn’t have all the LTE profiles for all carriers to set itself up with their towers; it has just a few generic ones. Librem does a very thorough list of carrier profiles. Hopefully Pine64 can find a way to support the tiny variations that each carrier has for LTE.

Good afternoon:

By the way is it reliable Rob Braxman ?.

I say this because I was looking for a new terminal, and I see that they have phones without google. And even that you can put GrapheneOS

Because I do not see so decent cheap phones that you can put official lineageos for example. And the carbon or Pinephone or Fairphone are expensive…

Then I do not know if you would put something else on a mobile with lineageos without gaps. I have:

App Manager
Fennec (both browsers with user)
Silence (sms only, mms blocked)
Simple Gallery
NFC and Bluetooth disabled LTE Cleanner

Then I do not use or have any social network.

And blocked by hosts telemetry, changed time server and some other stuff.

By the way I found an article that almost comes to say that Fdroid bad no, better to use Google. It would be F-Droid: how is it weakening the Android security model? | Wonder's Lab . Anyway…

I apologize for the article. It is not my intention to offend or anything bad. It is that or is paid or I do not understand that article and privacy …

Best regards and thanks for your time