Privacy On Phone

Yes, great idea, spend $1,300 on a phone with potato specs, isn’t daily drivable, and lacks any meaningful security.


Librem 5
From: $1,299.00
Backorder shipping resumes October 2021. Lead time for new orders: 52 weeks.

You can literally buy two Pixel 6 phones with tax for less.

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It has the specs to run everything but the largest memory hog programs (not going to run Netbeans or Eclipse very often on it I suppose lol?), and being Linux that is not likely to change.

“Daily drivable” is debatable, but there is a working camera and map app on it now.

“Lacks any meaningful security”? This phone has several things that are really good and fairly unique and good security measures -

  • The separation of cpu and radio chipset - if you read the security article linked you can see there are more qualcom chipset security issues - these would be mitigated from exposing memory in the cpu if they are separate chips - at a cost of some battery life.

  • Hardware switches for the wifi/mic/4g - and easily accessible on the side.

  • Cannot run Fakebook or Instagram or any other apps that are known to cause mental harm and time wasting not to mention privacy issues…

  • And most importantly, it actually gets updates on a regular basis, through the software upgrader just like on a Linux laptop.

Not long ago the Librem USA-build was about $1000, and years before, the Librem standard was around $599.

I think your concerns about trackers originate from the odysee website.

As for SIMless phones: nobody makes a well-supported (for custom firmware) tablet or phablet that fits in a regular pocket these days. Unless you use older devices (I do). It’s also hard enough finding well-supported devices that can take an AOSP ROM. Limiting the choices to just tablets makes it even harder. So phones are used.

I personally don’t like that phones can connect to the phone network. I don’t want to even be able to call emergency or make any contact with anyone outside my small circle. I don’t like the sneaky backdoors of the phone network. Yet more spy code we can’t remove. Ideally i want no possible connection to the phone network.

Nobody has yet made a usable low cost tablet or mini-tab that fits in regular pockets. So I use phones (with removable batteries).

Rob Braxman is selling his own phone. No hardware switches and no removable batteries and no low cost makes me not interested, but for some it might be worth a look.

This phone is not for you if you think lile that.
This is for those who knows what it is what it for and what it do.
If you want a phone for playing pubg or asphalt then this is not for you do understand.
This is a specific device for investigative journalist and activists who carry a life risk or life someone who is working against a corrupt govt and have risk of govt thrd.

If you want a phone with linux pinephone is a good option around $300 it should be good with privacy and with a good specs and you can try new linux os which are under so much development you can try this with a any linux os. All are phone ready gnome to kde all of them ported there apps into mobile mode also.


I think your concerns about trackers originate from the odysee website.

Braxman’s home page points to you tube for videos.
His what the zuck site uses google syndication.
His creator spring “Merch” site is filled with Amazon stuff, and more.
He uses twitter like all the tweeters.
brax live uses gstatic
He has an app. On iAppStore and Google play… not F-Droid.
His blog is on medium. It uses cloudflare insights AND google analytics.

I won’t call it “fraud” but to me it smells stinky at best. At least he also lists an xmpp channel.

Linux phones…

Cannot run Fakebook or Instagram or any other apps that are known to cause mental harm and time wasting not to mention privacy issues…

Uhm. Some GNU/Linux distros have lots of software for those, and there’s always the web browser interface…



With postmarketOS and add-on keyboard battery it lasts more than a day, and phone calls and sms/mms even work, with some tweaking. Lack of offline navigation and occasional freezes are negatives, however.

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Such a sound. The coherence is always more an optional in those days and is convenient for the most.

Yes i find that somedays ago can’t remember where they are working on a offline feature for gnome maps
And truely even manjaro with kde on mobile and mobian is also good
Edit i forgot about ububtu touch and selfish also suse. It is really becoming a very very good option for those who don’t want to use android and those lock env and spy stuff.


You can literally buy two Pixel 6 phones with tax for less.

Think of the extra as a donation to support developing something different. Who do you want to support with your phone purchases, the G66gle Empire or something different?

Purism lost a LOT of cred’ when they over-promised and under-delivered. I wouldn’t buy one either at that price and delivery time, but they are trying to DO a LOT, and it isn’t free as in beer.

Good afternoon:

A security option can also be lineageos, without anything from Google. Changing a few things and using fdroid software. And blocking connections with an Afwall+ style firewall. And removing some things to the applications for example with App Manager.

Then what they are doing now. They are the phones called Carbon.

For example there are NitroPhone 1 | or Shop |

Actually they are Pixel terminals with graphenoes without micro and so on.

Yes even the applications generate everything. Otherwise you can look at the hosts of gameindustry on their web or their github GitHub - KodoPengin/GameIndustry-hosts-Template: Unique host templates to enhance own privacy in games, websites and regulary software on Desktop and Android devices

And you have to do GAFAM. That is to avoid Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft.

By the way @SkewedZeppelin . I don’t know what you think as a suggestion GitHub - KodoPengin/GameIndustry-hosts-Template: Unique host templates to enhance own privacy in games, websites and regulary software on Desktop and Android devices to increase in your list of hosts Dnsbl - Divested Computing

A hug

Thanks for pointing that out. It is a bit stinky for sure. I know he does amazon stuff and youtube stuff. Without Youtube I’d never even know about him to be honest. Apparently he did periscope for years before switching to YouTube and Odysee. I never knew about him then. Youtube is a necessary evil for many creators, just to be seen. His open-source app uses Google infrastructure so it will never be seen on f-droid. Using the website is so much better anyway.

I have gone and downloaded the noscript addon for android after this little talk. I never knew it existed.


noscript addon for android

Even better: try torbrowser, which includes no script.

In a worse way, with the regular addon you can choose in a more specific mode.


Pinephone is a rad and reasonably priced device. Librem is not, they pushed too far.


For example there are NitroPhone

Nitrophone is just a Pixel with GrapheneOS preinstalled and an obscene $382 markup.

increase in your list of hosts

I cannot include that list as it is CC BY-NC SA 4.0 which is incompatible with the licenses used by the other included lists.


Rob Braxman is selling his own phone.

I couldn’t find a reliable source and I do not want to watch hour long rambling video to find actual information, but is it not just a MTK phone with some code over the wall rebranded Lineage?
Also the Pixel 4a he sells is at a mind-boggling $410 markup.


I am not in the mood to argue AOSP vs Desktop Linux security aspects.
Desktop Linux has no per application sandbox or permission system, no read only file system, no extensive compile time hardening, no default disk encryption, no per user home dir encryption, no verified boot, etc.

Firejail is nice (disclaimer, I’m a contributor), but it is not a longterm solution.
Fedora is very nice, and they’re pushing towards something neat with Silverblue, but Flatpak is still a poor sandbox when apps have filesystem=host.

I told you it was not a privacy or linux enthusiast phone rather it is for a professional person who need that kind of hardware control of there device with removal ssd to battery to hardware kill switch and so on please do understand making a phone that private costs money and they won’t going to sell much of that so here price is not what librem devices are. It was designed to be private unlike a spyware phone like modern android of any brand or iphones. Do respect that brand which actually providing that in a package of a phone.

And justifing the price engineering building and then due to they are making so little stuff and devices the individual components costs more if you purchase less like for a A component if you take 10000p it will be $100 if you take 1000p you need to pay $50~60 like this the overall price builds up it maybe far cheap if thay have a factory like samsung then they could give you that device with that much privacy in maybe $150.
Hope you understand.

Gnome browser have pwa support linux DEs are actually working hard to port existing apps into linux phone which is awesome means desktop class apps in a phone. You can compare what i am talking about check a files app google files and discover in linux you will understand what is the difference.
In gnome 42 all apps have been ported to gtk4 which is comparable fully with phones and nlw even flatpak and snap apps are working to port all its app to in linux phone and kde is also doing same in 25 it will be almost 100% which is in next 4month. so it is best time to buy pine and librem devices.

What about Apparmor?

Hi, I’m about to buy a new ordinary Android phone. I’m wondering if there is any point, as an absolutely non-tec user, of not logging into google and using apps as much as possible from Fdroid and Aurora store, and blocking unnecessary connections with Netguard?
I know that this will have little effect or no effect on on google’s invasive spying, and only limit the data collected by 3rd party apps.
Such a question may seem inappropriate on this technically advanced forum, but I would really appreciate your expertise and help!

Sure if you can pixel 4a or 5a is a good option
And installing custom roms like graphene and clyx is also easy just you need to follow and graphene have a browser base installer also do that you are fine. Visit there website.


Go run aa-status, you might have 10, maybe 20, or 40 if you’re lucky programs with apparmor enforcing.
Fedora/RHEL SELinux policy confines majority of system daemons by default, but has little to no confinement for user programs, ps -auxZ | grep -v unconfined.

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