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Does Google still tracks the videos I watch if I use NewPipe?

You should be able to check, right? The URL is:

… It would make sense that it does, as we have access to *many YouTube account areas, such as: “Subscriptions”.

EDIT: Ugh, I guess what I meant is that we are logged in…

Your IP, yes…so log it to Gmail…then use NewPipe…that’s obvious.

Yes, you contact and others to be able to watch the videos. In the case you want to avoid Google then use Invidious in your browser with the Proxy option enabled in Preferences. Or the program FreeTube that in the new version added this Proxy option too.

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As @Licaon_Kter said, your IP is logged, that is unavoidable. Also, from what I understand having just skimmed through the code, some cookies seem to be necessary. Have a look to see what they have to say about privacy.

Wrong. The domains NewPipe uses can be found in the AndroidManifest.xml

… that is not available for Android. So what’s the point in recommending it?

And these Proxys pay for themselves?

You could also use a VPN and Newpipe to achive the same result.

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Before you say “Wrong” you shoud analyse the connections from NewPipe first, as I did with a firewall, and you’lll see that it contacts domain, and if you block this domain you can’t watch videos. Otherwise it’s better you say: I’m not sure.

The same always happen with other options (that’s why I mention them, even they’re not in Android) like Invidious and FreeTube. But you can use Invidious in your android browser ( or other instances here:

The “proxy option” is that Invidious connect directly from their servers to and then offer you the video without needing you to connect to Google (in this case:
The instance already has the Proxy option enabled when you use it.

I saw some apps out therre that seemed not connecting to some servers (or seemed not to use trackers) but when you analyse the connections you receive a surprise. redirects to This simply is Google’s video search site.

Do yourself a favor and make a grep -r "" . on the NewPipe source code. The domain is nowhere to be found. Blocking this domain does nothing. You still can search for Videos and watch them. Your statement is still wrong! Have you actually looked at the link I mentioned?

I know how proxies work. That’s why I said, using NewPipe with a VPN achieves the same. What you don’t seem to understand is that someone has to host and pay for these proxies. Neither these servers nor the bandwidth is for free or pop out of thin air.

I thought you understood me but I see you didn’t.

NewPipe connects with Invidious, and Invidious use some servers as xxx… (that’s why you can’t see this domain in the source code).
As I see that you need to see it with your own eyes I made a screenshot right now, I hope you understand it now:

Yes, I saw the link you mentioned and it uses Invidious:

<data android:host=“”/

No, using a VPN in your smartphone is connecting with a different IP but all the trackers, Google, gps, etc in it will tell those servers who you really are (and also your permissions). But using a Proxy that you don’t use (Invidious use it and bring the result to you) is different. In that case it’s better to use a firewall and Tor browser, blocking all the other apps (even system apps).

Test youtube website or Invidious website (without the Proxy option enabled) and block and the result will be that you can’t watch that video. The same with NewPipe.

You’re right, Invidious servers consume bandwith if you use this option.

Wrong again. NewPipe has support for Invidious links, as you can see in this merged Pull Request. But Invidious support still hasn’t been merged. See this open Pull Request.

Yes and these screenshots show that you got some connections going to, simple meaning some videos get served via this URL and other videos via another url.

See above.

This is completely wrong and you have clearly no idea what you are talking about…

If the proxy is working as a cache yes. If it only forwards your connection then it is no different from a VPN

On my smartphone I have redirected to via /etc/hosts and I have no problems using YouTube or NewPipe, whatsoever. Maybe I encounter a video that is served via, this I wouldn’t be able to playback, yes.

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What’s really important is that many Youtube videos need to contact that domain to work, and so Google can track you.

I use ublock origin in Advanced mode in my browser and most of the time is impossible to watch some videos if I block in that moment. Try yourself.

I thought before that it was a problem in Newpipe with Invidious because in your link doesn’ t appear domain but as I showed you the connection is made. And as you say: some videos can’ t be watched without it, and I see many of them or most of them with this problem.

So, when I block that domain in Newpipe is the same. And so the first answer about Newpipe tracking with Google is true in what I said.

Yes, the proxy works like a cache.

And yes, I know what I’m talking about with your smartphone connecting to many servers telling them with the permission allowed about the details in your connection and many many more. Many apps “call home” too and some permissions are dangerous because they could allow to identify you. And if you use Google servers or apps is even worse.

So, you use a VPN and you tell them from a different IP who you really are and they know you changed your IP. But if you don’t believe me it’ s up to you.

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Are you kidding me? This topic is about NewPipe’s Privacy not about Android Privacy in general, or how to block apps that are calling home. All my answers were regarding NewPipe.

You’re mixing several things up here and that does not help to answer @smnthermes question.

i only answer about what you say about me in hard words that “I don’t know what I’m talking about”.

But don’t worry, this discussion is over. I offered evidence and the way to probe it of what I first answered: that Google tracks you with NewPipe app and you only answered in a offensive way and don’t recognize what I say it’s true. You act like an arrogant troll and so I won’t discuss more about it.

I hope that my answers could be helpful to the owner of this thread. Nothing more.

Tracks you NewPipe usage…yes.

This is the part not related to NewPipe…

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You’re right.
It was an answer to him directly:

Proxy option
“You could also use a VPN and Newpipe to achive the same result”.


Privacy is fragile…

What @jal wants to explain is that a proxy can be configured for each single app. Meanwhile, a VPN is (generally) configured for the whole system and all its apps (it’s a Virtual Private Network).

In a VPN connection, other apps can break your pseudonimity in NewPipe. For example, by having Gobble Mobile Services, using your browser to access GMail or running an app that leaks an “advertising ID” to some Gobble server without you knowing.

Therefore, a VPN connection doesn’t assure privacy, but using an unique proxy for NewPipe does. There’s a reason the recommended way to browse the web through Tor is using the Tor Browser, which has an anti-fingerprint, proxy-like implementation with a bundled Tor.

I don’t want to get into this stupid war, BTW. @stonerl has stated some valid arguments and @jal has stated wrong ones. I’m sure you both are mature enough to have an adult discussion.

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