Privacy cell : don't work on my phone

Hi !

I downloawd the apk, but he don’t want to install.

How or why ?
When I execute the apk downloaded, it put that :
“un problème est survenu lors de l’analyse du package. ok”
in french because i’m french…

Thanks (merci) !

Privacy Cell works on Android 11+.
What’s your version?

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Android 10 QP14.190711.020

How I change my Android v. ?

I would not consider the risks of upgrading your Android (if at all possible) just for the sake of one non-critical application.

Je n’envisagerais pas de prendre le risque de mettre à niveau votre Android (si possible) pour une seule application non critique.

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OK, thanks for traduction and answer.

Have a nice day.

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