Privacy Browser only allowed on fw, but google things starts updating

Immediately after the Privacy Browser was installed, started and allowed on no-root firewall, the google video got suddenly updated to google tv and some other stuff too. No other app was communicating during the period, just the PB. Log is clear about it. It’s a heavy bloated old android 6, LG k3, used as soldering microscope. So the system is completelly blocked by the fw. For years. Never seen such a behavior before.

Do, you think it’s possible? I can’t find any proof to rule out the PB, which served well over the years.

How did you allow only the one app?

Default is “block and ask”. When no-root firewal starts 1st time, nothing can communicate. There is a list of all apps trying the network to decide.

Yes, but what firewall?

maybe it’s confusing, but the name is “no-root firewall.” Frankly i did not expect more questions : ) rather answers.

That firewall app is in F-Droid? Link? If not, not sure we can help you, specially when it’s a proprietary app… sounds like a firewall bug :person_shrugging:

Eg. Netguard is a “no-root firewall” using a local VPN to block app traffic and block ads hosts etc. and should work fine.

When Netguard was started there was one “no-root firewall” in Play store but that was kinda abandoned.

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