Print from smart phone over wi fi

Is there any ad free open source app to print from sony xperia over wi fi. I do not want any google play apps . The printer is a epson sx435w and is connected by USB to the computer but it has wi fi capability

There’s the ghostscript printing app for Android, maybe in F-Droid archive.
But Epson is a problem: chances are low that driver will be ok. I haven’t
seen any good driver even for Linux!

Some professional printers like Xerox accept files from smartphones, usb key.
You probably need to recognize on your domain (at office).

This could help: cups for android :sunny:

The project is open source LGPL-3.
We should try to build it :slight_smile:

Apk on Google:
maybe the pages size is not recognized if you are in Europe

I did not find it in archive. sorry replied to this twice


Cool @Ildar :slight_smile:

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