Pre-installation repos for F-Droid

I want to make my own build of firmware (based on KitKat) with pre-installed F-Droid. And I want to add offical MicroG Repo (link) in there. How I can do that?
Sorry if i make mistake with category of thread or others. I’m newby =)

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I’m no a ROM maker. But my IMHO: besides obvious code changes which imply
forking of F-Droid client code, there must be some techniques to inject
some settings to apps during the 1st run (like installing a settings.db
file in /data/data/…). Though seeking this way might be on other

Yeap… I think about that. But i was hoping to external configs or somes like that.

So… I was have to make repack for fdroid_1.0.1.
Link if anyone needed -

I’ve added a patch to my LineageOS 14.1 build, which makes a proper intent call during initial setup for adding the microg repo to the F-Droid app. Looks like a cleaner approach to me.

The intent itself looks like that:

Intent i = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW);

more details


You are of course welcome to customize F-Droid in your ROM, all we ask is that you use your own applicationId aka packageName for your F-Droid build. You’ll want to use the Whitelabeling support to create a custom default_repo.xml file that includes all the repos you want your F-Droid build to have. You can set your custom applicationId in app/build.gradle.