Pre-built Qt binaries

Hi all,

I have plans to make available some of my Qt-based Android apps on F-Droid someday, so I’m wondering - may I use pre-built Qt binaries, fetched from using an unattended script (like famous from Qbs), or it is not allowed and I should fetch Qt sources and build them directly on build server?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

I’m also curious about the Qt build requirements. I am considering app development using Kirigami, but I’m a little uncertain about the process of publishing it.

I’m under the impression that Qt libs need to be built with the rest of the app (and it seems like building Qt is relatively onerous), so it seems there are few Qt based apps available in the repo.

I use on Travis and it works like a charm. I wish f-droid would allow this too…

Building Qt from source is the preferred way.

Ideally, we would like to build all dependencies from the source code to make sure that no proprietary bits sneaked into binaries.

Hi @relan

Well, that’s sad. Building Qt every time for all supported Android architectures seems very time and resource consuming.

We value freedom more than compilation speed.


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