Possible to "De-Google" ANY android? (that Accept button google requires at startup of new handset...)

tl;dr- is it possible to use adb to “de-google”, and to add the Simple suite of apps instead, on a new out-of-box handset WITHOUT having to click that Accept button that Google has put as the last page of the device’s startup? If I don’t click that Accept, I can’t enable debugging, so can’t remove google’s…and if I click the Accept and subsequently do the replacement of google suite with the Simple suite (phone, sms, file manager etc), it almost feels like an empty gesture because I already clicked that Accept in the beginning which I’m betting isn’t very privacy-friendly, given they are an advert company :stuck_out_tongue: )

I was psyched to find the Simple suite of apps (and f-droid in general) when, last week, I went back to smartphones from flip phones after nearly a decade.

Thought I could de-google this “LG Journey” and thought I had my ‘beta’ version done well actually I do have it done now IE the phone all setup with Simple suite stuff for the base apps and all FOSS apps for anything else (and Web Apps for Instagram, which is the whole bloody reason I’m back on a smartphone in the first place) Was about ready to do a hard-reset, and make my current ‘beta’ setup become my new default/alpha/finished setup (because I can’t consider the current phone ‘de-googled’ as it was already turned-on with Google permissions galore!)

Then it hit me- I can’t get to adb/debugging and removing anything G+, until I’ve reached the home screen so I could access Developer options, but to get there you MUST click ‘Accept’ to google’s terms, it’s part of the phone’s initial setup!

So sure I could remove all the google apps (phone, SMS etc) to replace with their Simple counterparts, but the handset wouldn’t be close to “de-googled” if, at its inception, I basically sign a 1-side agreement with google (didn’t actually read the agreement but am gonna go on a limb and guess it isn’t in-favor of the users)

Thanks a ton for any&all advice, insight etc on this topic, initially I was worried that my biggest issue would be ‘sandboxing’ instagram (the only offensive app I actually need on this pocket-computer) but now it feels like I thought I was getting a laptop, only to find it was a chromebook - and with a chromebook I can’t fathom it’d make much sense trying to “swap it to FOSS” (though this brings up my confusion at why the grapheneOS, supposedly the most secure, is only available for google hardware…if there was NSA hardware I cannot imagine people would think it was somehow ‘defeated’ by flashing ROM’s, yet the most popular ‘secure custom ROM’ seems to be one that’s only usable on google hardware :stuck_out_tongue: )

[fwiw I’m using adb through linux mint with apt package manager/terminal. Also I’m operating under the assumption that lineage and graphene seem the only viable custom rom’s, I haven’t torn through the supported-phones lists of all the less-popular ROM’s yet but intuition from similar, past endeavors tells me that’s not gonna be a worthwhile road to take, that lineage/graphene level ‘support’ is about as far from default as I’m looking to go…since they’re not possible I thought ‘de-googling’ could be, but this chronological-roadblock of “I can’t remove google stuff via an adb bridge, til after I already gave google my permissions/acceptance for that instance of the OS”!]

What happens if you press accept when it’s not connected to the internet? Nothing…

Don’t put a SIM card, bypass the need for an account and Wi-Fi, disable everything reporting, gps, whatnot

Enable Dev mode…

adb shell
pm uninstall --user 0 <everythingthatsnasty>


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You say “Nothing” happens if you press Accept while it’s not connected to the internet… You are speculating on that, and it’s a very irrational speculation. With that Accept, they’re aiming to get more invasive on your phone, yeah? That’s their intention- do you really think having it offline at that moment is something that they couldn’t easily surmount? Have you read the wording of those two policies the Accept binds you to?

The entire “de googling” approach is very “top layer” and its known that phones get compromised much lower / kernel layer, to think you’re “defeating” google’s intent once you’ve clicked their Accept, simply by not being online at that moment, is silly, it implies that you would be bound to the terms if only you were online, but were able to escape because - while you did go and Agree - you were currently offline. They make the device, they wrote the legalese you agreed to, thinking you’re tricking&beating it by being offline at that moment just doesn’t make sense they would of course have contingency for that (in fact they’ve got contingencies to fill-in the data about you they’re missing that range from trading agreements with apple/micro/etc, data trades with the gov & NIHS, with private heatlhcare etc) Their collection is so aggressive that I’m betting even grapheneOS is probably of little true utility, but androidOS - hell turns out there’s a line of google code I cannot even delete w/o destroying phone’s usability (causes endless looping on reboot) and another that kept re-appearing after reboot, so even after adb’ing (had to do the ‘long uninstall’ command since short command left me with reappearing programs) what I could it still left google on the OS/app layer of the phone, I dunno am thinking using androidOS, no matter how you configure it, is still wide open to google (and probably facebook/insta/etc, as well as - obviously - your carrier and the gov’t)

You next action is to DISABLE or UNINSTALL those apps, why does it matter?

The rest of your post talks about something else…you keep repeating the same stuff…

Yes, adb uninstall will disable apps for that user only.

Yes, they might be reenabled on update.

Also, YES you can’t reach “OEM unlock” to install Lineage or Graphene UNLESS you ACCEPT

Why post all that info then? What has Facebook anything to do with it?

Yes you can install Netguard (enable advanced filtering and manage system apps) to control internet access, take away access from Google products, use BLOCK ALL

Not sure why you are here to discuss Android if your whole stance is “but never can”?!?!!

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