Possible issue with Fdroid app


I’m not yet sure if this is an actual issue or just me doing something stupidly wrong so I’m reluctant to create an actual ticket for this yet.

I recently moved from CM13 to LineageOS 14.1 (Nexus 5X) and my private repo stopped working. I get “Error getting index file” whenever I try updating my repo in F-Droid. I haven’t changed anything prior or post upgrade in my repo so I’m doubtful that’s the issue.
I can access all the apps and both Index.xml and index.jar through the browser and I have been downloading them like that so far but it’s quite annoying.
The server is running Debian stable with Nginx and the older version of the F-Droid server that is available in Debian (0.2.1-4). The newer version had some issues with creating the jar so I kept the older one because it worked fine. It’s a simple binary repo with nothing fancy.

Thanks for the help!

Logcat giving any clue?

Unfortunately not, CatLog seems to not work at all and aLogcat or running logcat from the terminal gives nothing about F-Droid. Don’t have a computer I could use adb with near me for some time in the near future.
Though I may be doing something wrong, I haven’t tried to check the logs directly from Android before.

Hi @Naur, are you able to pin down which version of F-Droid was the last to work with it? You can download past versions from the browser at https://f-droid.org/packages/org.fdroid.fdroid/. Although the website is not up to date with 1.0-alpha0, you should also be able to install that version via the F-Droid client itself.

The big ones to test would be 0.102.3, 0.104, and 1.0-alpha0. If all of them fail to work (after a clean install) then it is likely a problem with fdroidserver and we can further diagnose the problem.

I always used the latest version of the F-Droid client available so I’m guessing it was the same version but I can try the earlier versions.