Possible error while blocking cdn.cloudflare.net in Divested

Good afternoon:

First of all, please excuse me if this is not the appropriate place to make this comment.

I use the Divested host that was recommended to me some time ago.

But on it there is cdn.cloudflare.net which I think is kind of blocked from what I see on https://divested.dev/hosts-domains-wildcards

But this entry can block the correct functioning of Magisk, see [Discussion] Magisk - The Age of Zygisk. | Page 155 | XDA Forums (message #3,093 above and later)

And since I didn’t know how to report this and on the fdroid forum it had been recommended to me.

I thought I would comment here. Please excuse me if this is not the appropriate or correct place for this.

Best regards and thanks for your time and help.

cdn.cloudflare.net isn’t a valid record, it however has many subdomains that the list blocks as known trackers, but it will never be wildcarded out: Cloudflare.txt · master · Divested Computing Group / dnsrm · GitLab

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Good afternoon @SkewedZeppelin

Apologize from the bottom of my heart, but I don’t know where my head and brain cells went. Must be lack of sleep as I have a family member in the hospital.

But it’s no excuse. Since I got the wrong connection. The connection is cdn.jsdelivr.net but I just had a good look. And it doesn’t come up as blocked on your hosts.

I beg your pardon for such a mistake on my part. And please don’t take me wrong for such a blunder. And I’m really out of my mind.

A hug and thanks for your help

Pd: we can close this blunder on my part. Because calling it a thread or topic for fdroid I don’t know what it deserves.

It is OK, please do continue to report any potentially blocked domains in the future.
Hope you and your family stay well.