Poblano VLE5 Assistance

Okay. I’m older, on a fixed income, and angry that my cheap Poblano VLE5 smartphone has more data leaks than the current White House.

In the days between Froyo and 4.0 ICS, there was plenty of places to learn how to achieve root/superuser access. Like AF & XDA. But I, and my phone, are behind the times… Oreo… Google GO… huh??

I came here to get better apps, without data sharing. I’ve found some. If I can’t root this phone, then I’m going to need someone to hold my hand in disabling and replacing apps. I’m a 20th-century cat with a desire for privacy and freedom, something very hard to find right now.

Thanx for reading.


Get Netguard, block everything, allow only some, done.

Also, any app that you see in the logs that tries to connect, adb pm uninstall --user 0 <appid> just in case, careful what you disable that way :wink:

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