Please update app “DiskUsage” to support Android 14

Currently the DiskUsage app offered on F-Droid is at version 3.8.0, which was added on 2017-08-30.

The current issue is that if you try installing the current version on F-Droid onto a phone running Android 14, then it will not work.

I went to the source code, GitHub - IvanVolosyuk/diskusage: Automatically exported from, and was able to build it in Android Studio, which then let me install that version (4.0.2) on my Android 14 phone.

How does this app get updated on F-Droid to support Android 14 phones?

You can’t publish a new version of someone else’s app on F-Droid unless the original author publicly gives you their permission.

But since all apps on F-Droid are free software, you can make a fork, change name and application ID (so that it technically becomes a different app) and request inclusion into F-Droid.

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I’m confused, as the author publicly has given their permission as you can see in this Issue about it not compatible with Android 14 · Issue #84 · IvanVolosyuk/diskusage · GitHub

How does the new version happen on F-Droid?

The author doesn’t give any permission. They update the app directly. But we can’t update it. not compatible with Android 14 · Issue #84 · IvanVolosyuk/diskusage · GitHub

I was not aware of that problem. Thank you for commenting and sharing.

The jar is not needed anymore and we got an update 6 years later.

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FWIW, the new version now available on F-Droid fails in accessing the external card on my phone (while the previous one did it)…
‘Access to external storage has been denied’
And the previous version, apparently visible on the f-Droid page, brings a 404 :frowning:

the website is updated with a delay, fyi

Thank you!
The trouble is not that the new app wouldn’t be available yet because of the delay : indeed it is present.
The trouble is that the previous version is no more present, at its old, unchanged url ( that gives a 404 error : it has been deleted there, apparently.
Now, I successfully reverted through AppLounge, which files weren’t updated at this moment. And it works again, while announcing that this app has been designed for an arlier version of Android, etc.

We keep the last 3 versions… 3.0.2 is the fourth, enable the Archive repo to find them all :wink:

yes, archived

/PS: we do not recommend having the Archive repo always ON :wink:

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Thank you @Licaon_Kter !
Now, in addition @linsui showed me how I am mistaken : with the latest version I just had to manually go allowing ‘all files access’ in the general apps settings, because this doesn’t triggers automatically the question on first launch (only to pics & music apparently)
So, silly question from me, now closed, and I learned more on F-Droid detail in addition :slight_smile:

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yeah, “for security reasons” ask Google why.

eg. you gotta do the same for OSMAnd too, to be able to save maps and favorites in /storage/ and that can be backed up

I thought the dev haven’t adapted for Android 13.

I guess that too, they can as for the proper screen to grant that from the app it self

Just tested new and 3.8, new still has some problems so don’t update unless old one really stopped working.

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