Please Revert Changes in Simplified Chinese Translation

When I opened I found that “F-Droid” is translated as “自由市场” which means “free market”. I do not like this idea. Then I found a user made lots of changes, I guess with search and replace, such as replacing “F-Droid” with “自由市场” and deleting all spaces in target strings… It’s Some changes will cause confusing and inconsistence and others will break the translation. There are also some disscussion on weblate.
Any suggestion? Is it possible to revert all those changes?


The current workflow is to just make the edits in Weblate, and we sync them from there. We just submitted a large grant application that will let us have our own Weblate instance, then we can set up proper translate/review workflows, where translations have to be approved before they go out.

I’m open to suggestions how to better handle the translations with the tools we have now. @uniqx and I are currently working under a small grant to improve the Markdown support.


I think it’s better if we just donated/payed weblate and get access to their tools. They have everything open source after all and it helps the weblate project going.

I think we can already setup roles, someone just needs to figure out how it
should be setup, and do it.

I might know a person, it’s @ButterflyOfFire on mastodon. Already the person maintains many projects on crowdin in and weblate