Plantage à répétition nouvelle version OSMAND


Impossible de faire fonctionner OSMAND suite à sa mise à jour.
J’ai du désinstaller et réinstaller la version (374) en catastrophe.

Je viens de repasser les données dans la carte SD (l’appli le propose).

What issue did you encounter exactly? What was malfunctioning?

the app have always suddenly stooped and closed at the same moment, after have calculated, at the end of the first oral message “… durée du parcours xx minutes”.

When i have installed the version of 2020 of OSMAND i’ve never encountered this. With the precedent, sometimes it’s happens. But with the new one, it was impossible to use it, it stooped every time.

Better ask here: and provide all the info (device/android version/etc)

Maybe even get a logcat (eg. via ADB on PC) of the crash

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