PixaPencil Repo Deleted

I happened to look at the Github for PixaPencil and it seems to have been replaced with an empty template.

It may be that the author will recreate the app from scratch, but for the moment, maybe it should be moved to the archive repo? Not sure what the process is here.

Ah, yeah, the project has been archived.

From the README:

I have not found anyone serious enough to overtake development of this app (and I do not believe I will) – this project is now officially publically archived.

And the PixaPencil repo is now for an “upcoming successor”.

Their full reasoning can be read here.



Creator of PixaPencil here.

Apologies for that, I wasn’t really aware of the ramifications of changing the name of the repository on GitHub, I did not believe people are still using this app.

As u can see it was more of a hobby project for me wasn’t really interested in android dev (I also hate Android in general since it’s made by google) and to continue working on it, so now I am remaking it for web, which i believe is an easier medium for making pixel art.

Source code for android app can be found here: GitHub - therealbluepandabear/PixaPencil_Classic

I have changed the repo name to PixaPencil_Classic.

@Licaon_Kter perhaps could you ensure that the source code points to the PixaPencil_Classic repo?

Again, apologies for this, completely my fault.


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Thanks for the info, I hope it will be added soon ^^

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Yeah, hopefully!

For now I have added a source code notice on the new repository so people will know where to find the source code for the Android app.

I’ve updated the entry in F-Droid, it’ll be updated in the app and on the site when the next build server cycle ends: Update PixaPencil to new repo (b7d80f8c) · Commits · F-Droid / Data · GitLab