Pinboard, Pindroid, Share to Pinboard, Pay to share?

A lot of talk led to this, Paid features in opensource apps - #91 by Licaon_Kter


Note: Pinboard is a paid subscription service, an account is needed.

in this old app:

PinDroid (Bookmark manager)

Now there is this newer app, but it does not have the Note in description? Is it not a paid subscription service with account now? It does appear to be one on website.

Share to Pinboard (An app with a single purpose: to send URLs to Pinboard without a fuss.)

Consistency is overrated, but sometimes it should be.

Feel free to PR such a change: ShareToPinboard/full_description.txt at develop · mbikovitsky/ShareToPinboard · GitHub

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I know, but I refuse to use Microsoft github (or tor-difficult gitlab) other than for rare exceptions like issues that bug me a whole lot, and have no reasonable alternative - like posting here. :slight_smile:

We all gotta live with our choices.


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