PIM/productivity(Calendar, memos, tasks, expenses..) FOSS apps

I would like to use opensource PIM apps, and try to replace DejaOffice PIM suite which is an all in one app.

Among many notes/memos apps and after trying many, I found Omni-notes, which has all the functions and is well maintained. (I am still accepting new you suggestions)

However, I have not found yet alternatives for Calendar, tasks… What are you using? is there any interesting app but not in F-droid?


Plenty of apps for each thing, use search… :wink:

I know, but it requires a lot of time of trial/error, and I am sure that user’s opinion and discussion help a lot.

Many apps are too basic, abandoned or cannot import/export data, but as f-droid doesn’t show all this info in description it requires a lot of testing

https://f-droid.org/repository/browse/?fdid=org.tasks for tasks and stock Android calendar.

I’ve settled on Simpletask for general tasks, and am still using Maniana alongside it to actually plan my day.

I like Orgzly since it has text files that Syncthing can keep up to date.

Thanks, I like Tasks app, I only need to move my data in sqlite to the Tasks JSON format.

Regarding Calendar, I have not the standard stock calendar and it lacks backup features etc… I think Etar is a powerful Calendar but it requires android 4.4 and I am still on 4.3.
Simple Calendar has enough views and options so I think i will chose it, and it import/export from/to ics

A search for Simpletask gave me only 2 results: Markor Simple… and Simpletask Nextcloud… I’ll try again later. (From the website I see it but from phone f-droid app I received those results.)

Simpletask Cloudless is misnamed. It appears as Simpletask Nextcloud, but it’s actually Cloudless. Yes, it’s a bug of sorts, and the explanation is pretty technical.

Also +1 on Orgzly for keeping notes, and keeping them organized.

Thanks, my friend. I’ll check it out.

I am also using Orgzly for some while now. Since some months, it also supports reminders, which is really needed to be considered as an task application.

Although it still lacks Git repository support to sync, you can manage this using MGit ^^

On Calendar I have switched to Etar for a few weeks now. Main reason was the bug in “standard” calendar of Replicant, which shortens all-day events by one day every time the event is edited.
But I also like the really usable month view of Etar.


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