PIM/productivity(Calendar, memos, tasks, expenses..) FOSS apps



I would like to use opensource PIM apps, and try to replace DejaOffice PIM suite which is an all in one app.

Among many notes/memos apps and after trying many, I found Omni-notes, which has all the functions and is well maintained. (I am still accepting new you suggestions)

However, I have not found yet alternatives for Calendar, tasks… What are you using? is there any interesting app but not in F-droid?



Plenty of apps for each thing, use search… :wink:


I know, but it requires a lot of time of trial/error, and I am sure that user’s opinion and discussion help a lot.

Many apps are too basic, abandoned or cannot import/export data, but as f-droid doesn’t show all this info in description it requires a lot of testing


https://f-droid.org/repository/browse/?fdid=org.tasks for tasks and stock Android calendar.


I’ve settled on Simpletask for general tasks, and am still using Maniana alongside it to actually plan my day.


I like Orgzly since it has text files that Syncthing can keep up to date.


Thanks, I like Tasks app, I only need to move my data in sqlite to the Tasks JSON format.

Regarding Calendar, I have not the standard stock calendar and it lacks backup features etc… I think Etar is a powerful Calendar but it requires android 4.4 and I am still on 4.3.
Simple Calendar has enough views and options so I think i will chose it, and it import/export from/to ics


A search for Simpletask gave me only 2 results: Markor Simple… and Simpletask Nextcloud… I’ll try again later. (From the website I see it but from phone f-droid app I received those results.)


Simpletask Cloudless is misnamed. It appears as Simpletask Nextcloud, but it’s actually Cloudless. Yes, it’s a bug of sorts, and the explanation is pretty technical.


Also +1 on Orgzly for keeping notes, and keeping them organized.


Thanks, my friend. I’ll check it out.