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Hi can someone please help me decide between Motorola G7 power or a oneplus 3 or oneplus 3T for installing 17.1 for the first time. This will be my trial phone. Thanks for your help

Probably you should start with OnePlus 3T because it will be easier.
Moto G7 needs an additional step for unlocking the bootloader (contact Motorola? or create an account…) and is a A / B partition phone which can be a nightmare for noobies.

Take it easy and look for additional information in the XDA forums. Initially you should not install Magisk if you want to have more security and OpenGapps are Google Play Services and Google apps, which are not essential.

Additionally, there is an open source alternative to Google Play Services, called MicroG (which has a repo for F-Droid), for its installation it is necessary to have a patch in the ROM to allow signature spoofing, there are LineageOS builds with the patch included here.

MicroG does not send information to Google as long as you do not connect to an account and do not activate device registration, even so, it tries to send the minimum information possible.
This can also be used to be able to use location backends such as DejaVu / Mozilla NLP / Nominatim.

If you use the official LineageOS recovery to install LineageOS4MicroG it will advise you that signature is wrong, because they are separated builds.

For the record, you can build your own LineageOS with the signature spoofing restricted patch with this docker service, a compilation of scripts to build it automatically, nonetheless, a powerful PC is needed and some time to read all documentation. Even with 16GB RAM you will need to create a large swap memory (+20GB).
I will not recommend this to everyone!

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Amazing thanks!

I agree with @Morgoth. I love the Moto G7 Power but it really is tough to install customs. OnePlus 5 is a pain too, but the 3s are pretty nice.

The flashing process for the op5 and op3 is identical.
msm8998 devices are a nice sweet spot imo right now.

You can compile with 12GB no swap.
If you want a swap, use zram+zstd.
I strongly recommend using btrfs+discard=async+compress=zstd:1 for the work drive.
And if you have multiple versions checked out, use duperemove to dedupe them.

Here is an out dir mid compile

Processed 398095 files, 653472 regular extents (694332 refs), 183077 inline.
Type       Perc     Disk Usage   Uncompressed Referenced  
TOTAL       41%       35G          83G          95G       
none       100%       22G          22G          31G       
zstd        19%       12G          60G          63G 

some pretty amazing ratios.

Thank you! time ago I tried to compile Java with 12GB and didn’t work, made a mess and failed, I don’t know why :crazy_face:
I’ll look about all you said, can I PM you for the next time?

Yes, but on the oneplus 5 you had to wipe internal and then reload all your stuff on most the Roms. Something about the forced encryption. Its been a while, but I do remember the pain. I had about 50 gigs I had to reload every time since no SD card.

One more thing, @david2000, and this is just opinion. I’ve run countless ROMs and even built and shared more than a few. I’m pretty sure I even have a Lineage 17.1 built for the Galaxy S5 (idk it was the nougat), and I love lineage for their hard work, their extensive github libraries, and the fact that they make building so much easier for the rest of us. Lineage also makes a nice stable base to build off of to make other Roms because its very base. It doesn’t have many features. Almost any other ROM is cooler than lineage. Lineage is only so popular because soo many noobs try it and post how great it is before they see the better Roms, many of which were made possible by Lineage. Kinda like the Ubuntu of custom ROMs. So if you try Lineage 1st, just don’t forget, ROMs do get much better. My favorite is Resurrection Remix, which is at the other end of the spectrum. I hope this opinion doesn’t offend anyone. Its just opinion. And one more thing, many versions of Resurrection Remix were made possible by the hard work of Lineage. Not sure about the RR Q I’m running now. May be AOSP based. Although I love Lineage, I don’t run it on my phone unless its the only option…


Yes, but on the oneplus 5 you had to wipe internal

You always have to wipe the device on bootloader unlock, relock, and when
switching ROMs with different signing keys.

how great it is before they see the better Roms

That is your opinion and I’ll respect that.
If they work for you, awesome! It is nice to have so much choice.
Just note that LineageOS of all the ROMs is actually quite sane and matured over
the years. Most of those other ROMs will do a lot of silly things.

Completely agree with you. Lineage is Debian of android. Most other roms are preconfigured and pre-tweaked with unwanted features in most cases.

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No you don’t Dude. You havent had to wipe internal since the emulated SDs arrived. And had I known the type odlf person you are,vI would’ve been more careful with my words. I didn’t mean wipe. I meant format. And on the OnePlus 5 are 2 different types or Roms. Well over half were or the type that you had to format after the install because of the forced encryption. Go read about it or something.


For the most part:

If you unlock a device with fastboot oem unlock, it’ll wipe the device, reboot
to recovery and format.

If you lock a device with fastboot oem lock, it’ll simply lock, no wipe or

If you unlock a device with fastboot flashing unlock, it’ll wipe the device,
reboot to recovery and format.

If you lock a device with fastboot flashing lock, it’ll wipe the device,
reboot to recovery and format.

If you boot Android and the platform keys in /system don’t match the recorded
ones in /data, it’ll reboot to recovery and prompt to format.

If you have a device with verified boot enabled and a locked bootloader and the
keys don’t match, it’ll mark data tainted and it’ll reboot to recovery and force
you to format.

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Sounds compelling but can you run F-Droid and non F-Droid android apps on that os? And is their security and updates as good as Lineage 17.1? Thanks

Sorry, my fdroid degoogled phone got stolen. (I bet they were like, WTH is up with this weird ass phone!! Haha on them, but boohoo for me.) Those questions are just up to the developer who biuilds it. I’m not sure about the official builds. We don’t have any official builds for the Moto G Fast or the Stylus. But usually, it’s up to the person installing whether or not to install GApps {google apps) and I’m nearly certain that RR (Resurrection Remix) official builds don’t come with GApps. I only just recently ever saw a custom build that included GApps. So Yes, You can have playstore or not (usually) and Yes, you can have FDroid or not. Security updates, as well, are the up to the developer who builds it. When I used to build ROMS (all unofficial) I never included GApps and I’d work until I thought it was perfect, then I’d delete the repos and make room to build something else, never making another build of that rom for that device, meaning if you ran my rom you didn’t get security updates. But I always built for old phones too that didn’t get security updates anyway…(I built for the ZTE Zmax (draconis) and the Samsung Galaxy S5 (klte). The only way I can afford a flagship is to buy it a few years later…lol. But this Moto G Stylus sure feels like a flagship, TBH. You can learn more about RR here, I’ll put a link, but that’s just MY favorite. Probably any ROM but lineage has features you’ve never seen before…Lineage lacks features, which is part of the reason it is loved by developers to use it as a building base. Lineage is great for that, for other reasons too, and most builds of lineage are likely rock solid, without many noticable bugs, but no neat new features to blow your mind, like all the other ROMs. And good thing too. Lineage is probably the most necessary sources there are for Android builders, but just not very wowful, if that makes any sense.

Oops forgot your link:

With Resurrection Remix you can be fairly certain you’re not missing out on ANY feature. It has them all as far as I know…

Now THAT’S interesting!! I’ve never heard heard of the those 2. And I just read fastboot --help pretty recently. I better have another look. Thanks.

EDIT: Looks like I FORGOT TO READ fastboot --help recently…lol. What device brands do those commands work on? I’ve only ulocked bootloaders on HTC and my favorite Motorola…

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