Personal data being erased from "Contacts" and "Messageris SMS" apps


I’m using an OPPO A16 smartphone (Android 11) on which I installed apps from F-droid and among these, the applications “Messagerie SMS” and “Contacts”.

I added numbers and names of my contacts through one and the other of theses apps but after an our or so, when I look for them (to make a call or to write a message), I can’t find them anymore, they have disappeared from my contact list. And the line above the SMS conversations indicates only the phone number (no name).

For your information, I previously deactivated as much apps of goggle as possible on my phone in order to use as much of their F-droid apps equivalent as possible.

Thank you for your advices.

Links to which apps exactly? Did you also report this to the app developers?

Did you disable the system contacts provider? And messenger provider?


I already saw this.
In my phone, since the beginning, i have deactivate most of google parts, no problem. I have do the same with my sister’s phone, but having a google count probably created by the salesman, there is an app (i don’t remember the name) witch synchronize contact data with google. By disabling it, she have lost all of her contacts.

First export contact locally as .VCF then disable, then reimport from that VCF to LOCAL account.

If contacts are ONLY in Google, ofcourse they go away when you sever said connection

Hello Licaon_Kter,

The apps are “Simple SMS Messenger”, “Contacts” and “Simple Dialer” all from Tibor Kaputa which I contacted too before to put my demand on the Forum (I still did not receive answer from him).

I followed your advice : export of contacts as .vcf file.
My .vcf file is for now on my “external” SD card : SDcard/Contacts

I don’t understand
a) what I exactly have to disable and
b) about the reimportation, I don’t know how to do for it to be on a “local” account (what does it mean ?).

Could you be more specific ?

Thank you for your help.

Hello SkewedZeppelin,

I tried to find “system contacts provider” and “messenger provider” by a search through the search bar in the settings menu but it could not find anything.

Could you tell me more precisely what is their location and what is the logic about them ?

Thank you

It’s called Contacts or Agenda or some other name like that, it’s an app

The SMS app whatever its name is

That…one of those apps that you disabled was connecting to Google Account where it stored on Google servers the contacts

Once you disabled it…you can’t see the contacts since they are locked in the Google service

When you “open” or “import” a VCF file in the Contacts app or in Files app you will be asked WHERE you want to put the contacts, LOCALLY on the device OR upload TO GOOGLE

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