Persian language and more issuse

Hello. I am a Persian language user, Persian language supports RTL, but on F-droid it is supported LTR. There is also no option in the program settings so that I can translate the language into English and the program only follows the system language. Also, sometimes the pictures of the programs are not shown, maybe this problem is from Iran.

All translations are handled here: F-Droid - Persian @ Hosted Weblate

If you want to translate the app summary/descriptions you can do those there or in the actual project source, if the app devs have this setup.

F-Droid packages the apps, we don’t localize them too, this is done by volunteers… like you :wink:

Yes, I can translate if possible, but first the problem of fdroid being left-to-right must be solved, for example, the name of the program is English(LTR) and the Persian or Arabic(RTL) description (see in screenshot), should I report this problem on the GitHub page? Thank you for your answer.

Yes by design

It might take a bit of time to download

The text is not aligned correctly? I’m not aware of the differences unfortunately, not sure how it should look

This is F-Droid Client 1.14? If not, do update…

You can report issues here: Issues · F-Droid / Client · GitLab (there are some opened, maybe they cover yours too, or open a new one describing the issue in mode detail)

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