Pepper&carrot game not showing up on on 1phone but is on other

When I search pepper&carrot on my ans phone through f-droid the game shows up in the search resualts, but not on my lg phone.

I updated both repositories on both phones.

It just wont show up at all when i search it on one phone vs the other despite being updated.

This one?

What Android versions do those devices have? Newer than 4.0 I hope?

Was looking for the peper&carrot running game, not the e reader. (shown in url image link bellow to a temporary image host site which will auto delete from server in 7 days.)

My Ans runs Android 8 while the lg runs Android 6.
Not sure why the app doesn’t show in the search resualts on one phone and not the other in f-droid, when the repisitories are updated on both. Even if one phone wasn’t compatable the app should still come up in the resualts on f-droid.

Game is in the archive repo, did you enable it in the other phone?

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