ParsingFehler on install

Hi, I have downloaded the latest F-Droid App and when I try to instal, I get a short error message: ParsingFehler.

I have a LG P350 with Android 2.2.2.
What can I do now?

Android 2.2 is very old. The latest version of f-droid won’t work there. Not even the latest of the versions with the old design will work.

You might want to try this version here:

It’s quite old though, you are pretty much on your own.

Hi Bubu,

thans for your hint.

  The app installed fine, but as you suspected, it has no value, because it doesn't offer any App. The corresponding old repository seems emptied.

  I was in hope, that I could find a kompatible version of "KDE Connect" for this old Android phone. So I still don't know how and where to get it, to be able to synch my phone with Linux.

The app is not using any different repository than the newer ones. I just tested it, it’s working actually fine on my device. It should download the app index on first start and will take a while to process it.

If that’s not working my best guess is that your old phone’s SSL stack is not compatible with the server. Not much we can do about this at this point, sorry. :-/

There seem plenty of options of ROMs for this phone, I’ve checked Russian forum, you can search xda etc.

Proof link:

2.2 is quite a bad option. I’d say you still can survive with 2.3 these days if you try hard. If you stick to F-Droid, of course. :grinning: But 2.2 have no chance IMHO.

Very much thanks for this interesting hint. I never heard about custom ROMs for this old phone.
The russian page is really difficult to follow for me, even after Google translation. I’ve found some other pages like:

But I must admit, that I’m really confused, which is the right way and the right ROM.
I don’t expect a detailed support, but maybe you can give me some hint, where to start.
What you mean by “proof link”?

Proof link: I meant : “URL des Beweises”
I’d personally prefer Cyanogen and flavors. But must check that everything works good on a custom ROM of choice, as there are many custom ROMs with non-full functionality: some have missing GPS support, some camera etc. You should read the topic of the ROMs. As wrote earlier, XDA is the good site for that.

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