Parsing ACRA crash emails into gitlab issues

A while back, we did some experiments for automatically collecting and sorting ACRA crash report emails into an issue tracker. I did some work recently on the ACRA email parser, now it can post to gitlab issues. Here’s a prototype view

I’m wondering now whether this is worth pursuing further. It would be nice to have crash reports in an issue tracker so that they can be managed by the core contributors like other issues. This output looks promising to me, so I’m looking for more feedback.

I think it is great, actually.

Am I correct to assume that, so far, not a single crash has been reported on the latest stable, given there seem to be 0 issues with label 1.14?[]=1.14

My only sadness is that GitLab doesn’t seem to be able to sort by comment count, so there is no quick way to put the most common crash on top.

I think the lack of 1.14 reports is mostly due to me not updating the source
data before running the parsing script. There are always crashes, but many of
them are not F-Droid’s fault at all, thinks like OutOfMemoryError.

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