P≡p Mail Client had after fresh install 3GB Data transfer in one day

Becaus the Issue Tracker of p≡p do not allow registration I ask here.

I installed pep and Configured three Mail accounts and changed only the settings about the trusting server.
From that moment the mail client began to work and loaded until the end of the Day around 3GB I recognized the Problem beacus pep consumed my whole Mobil contingent And I got a warning from my provider. 400MB over Mobil and 2.6 GB over W-Lan.
The three mail account together contain 500MB so I do not know where these mass of data came.

Privacy demands its sacrifices :wink:
But seriously, if their bug tracker is closed, maybe they don’t want to
know how bad their app is? Switch to K-9 :yum:

It seems that they prefer bugreports by mail. I was able to place my bugs and got anseers and help.

They wrote me f-droid got depency problems if they compile the app. so they use there own f-droid repo at moment.