Own Anti-Features


the newest version speakes of own anti features…

Which are these anti features?


what is “own” ? link?

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“own” is the english word…

Means F-Droid, the app itself, has features you might not want…

But which are these?

One of the “makers” of F-Droid should know and explain it please.


@marsch I’m not seeing any antifeatures: F-Droid | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

can you post some screenshots of what you think you see?

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I think @marsch talks about the change log for 1.20.0. There is the entry:

Custom Anti-Features are now enabled by default, rather than disabled

In German this is translated as

Eigene Anti-Features sind nun standardmäßig aktiviert, anstatt deaktiviert

Which can be reverse translated as “own anti-features”. Maybe similar is also true for other languages.

To be honest I don’t exactly know what the change is about. But in this thread there seems to be a misunderstanding and the change was interpreted to be about anti features of the f-droid app.