OSMTracker records wrong date inside log file


I have been using OSMTracker for Android for many years with no issue.

I am currently traveling in Angola and creating a track log every day. When the track log is named it has the correct date but when it is closed and I open it, the date recorded inside is totally wrong. For example, for a track log is created on 7 nov 2022, the date inside is 24 mar 2003! (see a tracklog gpx)

I need to change the inside date in order to match with photos taken at the same time. How can I do that? I urgently need to find a way to do that… please help me.

I also would like to see how I can correct this issue. So please help me there too.

Report this to the developers of the app: Issues · labexp/osmtracker-android · GitHub :wink:

I did but I also need a solution to use these files right now… that is why I posted on the forum.

They should have the right knowledge to fix it :person_shrugging:

Try opening the track in a notepad(++) if it’s not a binary format, you can search for “2003” and change it back to 2022.similar to month and day.
If it’s a binary format, you gotta use a hex editor…

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