OsmAnd~ update to 3.4.3 | 3.4.2 has a lot of bugs

Hello guys,

Could you please update ASAP OsmAnd~ to the version 3.4.3?
The current version 3.4.2 on the F-droid has big problem with the GPX files because of the bug (if you try to load one the osmand shutdown with crash).

A lot of people using this app during the holidays and with this bug we are unable to navigate :wink: I was reading the popular android forums and version 3.4.3 resolve the problems.

Damn I should never update the application during holidays ;-(

It should be published with the next update, hopefully in less than a day. Otherwise you can downgrade to 3.3.x

Osmand 3.4.3 is published now.

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