OsmAnd Start (free cloud storage)


I see today OsmAnd has given a free access to the cloud, to sync some features between devices (or save/backup)

As I’ve read here, I think it’s not possible to use it because they don’t use another method to pay if you don’t use Google…

Sadly, as we can’t “pay” from this “not google play store version”, it’s not possible to use the free cloud feature :cry:

I hope OsmAnd will find a way to give F-Droid users this feature available :wink:
Good luck all !
Thx for your hard work :slight_smile:


Do try and tell us so, afaik it might have been removed with the cleaning of non-FOSS deps…

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i do have the same problem. F-Droid version is not supporting free osmand-cloud at the moment. So there i still no way to automatically sync favorites.
Would it be possible to enable this feature in F-Droid version as well?

Likely not: OsmAnd~: OsmAnd cloud backup does not work despite mentioned otherwise by upstream. (#3074) · Issues · F-Droid / Data · GitLab

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