OsmAnd rendering improvement

Do you think it is possible to implement solution presented here for better rendering in f-droid?

How does that work without Google Services which are not free or open source exactly?

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as I understand the f-rdroid version is cleared (without google), rendering too. The question is - is it possible to do it with in this case?

implementation "com.google.android.gms:play-services-maps:18.1.0"

Nearly everything starting with com.google.android.gms is not FOSS and thus cannot be used at F-Droid. If it’s followed by play-services-* you can be sure it’s not FOSS. So no, that can NOT be used for the F-Droid build, sorry.

PS: “GMS” in those IDs stands for “Google Mobile Services”, which are proprietary.

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Also, this recommendation is kind of useless. They are changing a setting in Google Maps that is made specifically for this purpose. OsmAnd is an entirely different product. It doesn’t have that setting. And implementing the code behind that setting is far more complex than just turning on a setting.

That’s like walking to a sound technician who has trouble getting sound out of the concert hall, and showing them the “bluetooth connect” button on your wireless speakers.

thank you all for explanations.

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