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Where can I find the OsmAnd~ app version 4.0.9, compiled by F-Droid ?

That version has unique storage-related features.

In other more specific and brute words: the last decent version before the developers fuckup and made the internal storage mandatory, even on rooted phones…

I can only find on F-Droid the version 4.4.7 and above

Further info here: Resolve the storage dilemma under Android 11 by using "All files access" · osmandapp/OsmAnd · Discussion #13538 · GitHub

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A list of old version that are available in the archive repo:


Thank you both for the links

Downloaded and installed succesfully

Now, I got a little curius about dek’s provided link

Seems to be an “official” archive

How do I see what apps this repository has ?

I tried the root of the link, F-Droid Archive, but it leads to an “authentication” page

Use the list from IzzyOnDroid, it shows the content of the archive repo. Other repos can be selected.

Try GitHub - mvdan/fdroidcl: F-Droid desktop client

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Thank you both for the multiple options

Very complete tools

I have all that I needed now

Why not ENABLE “ARCHIVE” REPO in client instead?


Answering for myself, sometimes you just want to peek into a repo and explore what is available etc. Enabling the repo has obvious drawbacks… it is hard to spot what comes from a particular repo, updating the index costs time and bandwidth.

F-Droid Client 1.19.0-alpha3 already has that when you add a repo :wink:

That sounds good, didn’t even dare to ask for that feature. Perfection is a transcendental idea and on the way to perfection lay happiness😉

Thank you.
Right within the app (that is the ideal). And it was always there.

The best answer, by the way. But I already chose a best answer in the past. Not right to take it.

Just a note, I’ve been using version 4.6.12 from the F-Droid store without a glitch for about 2 weeks now.

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