Osmand antifeatures

Hi guys,

I would be interested in which parts of Osmand cause antifeatures - https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/blob/master/metadata/net.osmand.plus.yml list these


  • NonFreeAssets
  • NonFreeNet
  • NonFreeAdd

Isn’t this some relict of the past? It’d be nice to have some comment in yml explaining what’s this about e.g. if NonFreeNet means Mapillary plugin? or map data? or something else?

I wondered about this as well.

NonFreeAssets should still be the case, there is some weird licensing thing. Somebody could maybe check upstream repo.

NonFreeNet might be about mapillary, but I’m not sure.

NonFreeAddon doesn’t make any sense to my knowledge… :thinking:

I asked mainly because there was someone elsewhere who didn’t want to use Osmand because it was marked having antifeautures, which I find totally counterproductive and it would definitely help to explain what/why.

It’s clear in f-droid description:

  • NonFreeAssets - Artwork and layouts are under a non-commercial license.

True. See FAQ. Edit: Not too relevant unless you want to fork it.

  • NonFreeNet - May download images from nonfree Mapillary online service

True. See settings. Edit: You can leave this setting “off.”

  • NonFreeAdd - Proposes to download a proprietary app (Mapillary) from Google Play Store to add photos to their service

Not as sure about this, but I assume this comes from.the metadata, from the developer. Edit: You don’t have to use play store, nor download other apps.

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It’s clear in f-droid description:

We’re talking about normal user i.e. no relevant info whatsoever. It just scares them while having no impact on anything - again imo.

normal user i.e. no relevant info whatsoever.

They ought to at least look at the provided info and links, and not just panic. Also, they’re right to be concerned. I’d like a cleaner nav app too, but can’t find one.

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Thanks @anon21707550. Given this, I believe the antifeatures are indeed warranted.

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