Osmand 2.4

Is there a way to get binary builds for osmand 2.4.7? It is the last version with a usable “phonetic” search function. In other words, one can scroll through the possible matches of a street within a city. In 2.5+ one has to know the exact spelling of a street name.

If you enable the F-Droid Archive repository it is in there, and should appear in the Versions list when viewing OsmAnd in the F-Droid client.

Current OsmAnd~ version in F-Droid (i.e. 2.6.3) has a Legacy search option. To enable: Menu List > Plugins > OsmAnd development > Settings > Show legacy search.

When enabled, Legacy search is available from the menu list. Under tab Address it has fields for Region, City, Street, Building. For each field you can scroll through a list.

@olh, is this the search function you’re looking for? (I’m new to OsmAnd). This way of searching seems very useful in some situations.


Thank you. I would have expected such setting in a more prominent place. Now I can finally upgrade.