OSM for andro4x?


i have few old devices running andro4x ; Id like to know if there is a kind of OSM apps, to convert them as offline gps for different usages?

thank you

Last OSMand to support Android 4.x is https://f-droid.org/archive/net.osmand.plus_409.apk not sure if still compatible with latest map tile packages, but do try.

There is also Navit, current version works nicely on older androids back to Gingerbread (and on newer ones too), the previous version even runs on froyo:

I’m not sure if the server for the in-app maps download function is still working, but you can get some predefined map areas to download at https://github.com/navit-gps/gh-actions-mapserver/releases which are updated daily, you just have to copy it to your SD card afterward.

If you want a different area not in that list, you can “roll your own” by choosing an area at http://maps6.navit-project.org/ , however this is from 12 Apr 2023 and is less up to date. It’s probably easiest to select the location with a PC that can use a mouse rather than a phone using touchscreen.

If your “andro4x” is running 4.4 Kitkat there is also https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.junjunguo.pocketmaps/ , but I have not tried that one.

What “different usages” do you have in mind? There are some older/unmaintained apps specifically intended for bicycle routing (to consider hills), others for submitting map data updates to OSM, some for remembering where you parked your car or how to get back to a particular place, activity trackers, path recorders, etc.

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You can use OsmAnd+ version 409 for Android 4.x. Navit works well on older Androids. Various apps serve different purposes, including bike routing, map updates for OSM, and activity tracking.

Android >= 4.1:

  • GeoNotes to view the map and take georeferenced notes

Android >= 5.0, for anyone else arriving here from Google:

  • Organic Maps is like OsmAnd, but simpler
  • OSMFocus Reborn to inspect the OSM tags of the map features
  • SMASH to view the map; take notes; record and view GPX tracks

For PocketMaps - Note that the latest update from 3 days ago raises the version to Android 7.0; older versions requiring 4.4 are still in the repo for now.

For any offline viewers, including Navit - you can download OSM and lookup your app in the OSM wiki for instructions to convert the file format. Example for Navit: go here then here.

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