Orbot 16.0.2-RC-1 broke my F-Droid app

Since I installed Orbot 16.0.2-RC-1 all apps Orbot couldn’t connect anymore and all Tor-enabled apps (like F-Droid and Lightning) couldn’t either, even after uninstalling Orbot.

I fixed it by downloading and installing the “latest” apk. Now everything works well again. Just thought I’d share this in case anyone else stumbles upon the same issue.

D’y’all think it’s related to this?:

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Why use Lightning (stale development) instead of Orfox? No issues with that…

If I understood more than 50% of the words in that issue report I could tell you. :wink:

Lightning is the only browser that works really fast on my phone - or at least it was when I switched from Fennec F-Droid a while ago.

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What I did was to uninstall Orbot and then install the previous version from Fdroid

@DroidOne, did you try updating to the latest version again or just say on the older version?

Did you try FOSS Browser? Slim, fast and rather good privacy features for a WebKit based browser: https://f-droid.org/en/packages/de.baumann.browser/

They split the builds to UNIVERSAL and ARCH iirc, maybe that was.

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