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GrayJay app vs Newpipe.

I’m all ears.

not FOSS, LICENSE · master · VideoStreaming / Grayjay · GitLab ? so useless


Excuse my ignorance, but so does that article you linked (sorry, I don’t speak gitlab/hub yet), mean that it is not MORE privacy minded than Newpipe?

From my neanderthal understanding, this app allows users to sub directly to the channel creator instead of just the channel, so that in the event that the creator is removed or terminated from using youtube, they can still have their subs follow them??
If so, is that really useless?

The “article” is the license under which you can use the source code. This is not a free software / open source (FOSS) license. I am not a lawyer, but actually I think the license reads very dangerous for the users. They can terminate it any time without needing to notify you.

The license is about access and use of the software’s source code. It doesn’t tell about privacy. For that you’d need to look at their privacy statement and ultimately also inspect the source code itself (to understand what the software does).

The fact that this is not a FOSS licensed software makes the software useless for f-droid.


“Ah, I see!”
said the blind man.

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