Openhub Anti-feature Report

Openhub, an alternative client for Github, isn’t marked as having some anti-features.
First it’s assumed to be using tencent services to report bugs.
This can effectively be a tracker.
The second is, though(as Octodroid) this is for Github it isn’t marked as promoting proprietary network service(s).

But does it have Bugly?

But yeah, NonFreeNet it needs


No, no Bugly since 3.2.1. Thought I’d seen previous versions on F-Droid too, but it seems like they were either removed or never added.
Thanks for the quick fact-check.

Seems okay to be closed once the ‘Non-free network service’ flag is added. Thx!

Last version did remove Bugly and older ones were disabled because of Bugly. I just created a MR for the anti-feature:

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