Opencv manager not available although it is needed by some apps on F-Droid

Opencv is a computer vision library used by a some apps on F-Droid, for example a note scanning app (Open Note Scanner) and a game app (Form-N-Fun). The two apps doesn’t include a binary/precompiled version of the library but uses it provided by Opencv Manager App which isn’t available of F-Droid and probably won’t ever be (
I have tried to get the needed app, but I don’t have access to Google Play Store (Yalp/Aurora-Store broken, fix currently not available on F-Droid, don’t like to use Google Play anyway) and I can’t find a official compiled binary on GitHub or (maybe because it’s deprecated or I can’t search :wink: ?).
Open Note Scanner has an automatic download for the missing apk but currently that doesn’t work on my smartphone.
How can I used the apps?
And isn’t it problematically if an app depends on other apps that aren’t available on F-Droid?
Currently I wonder wether or not were should be an anti-feature for such an situation – at least for Form-N-Fun that doesn’t has an automatic download but is showing a link that is only working for Playstore as long as Opencv Manager isn’t available on F-Droid?

Ok, I found the issue with the build-in download in Open Note Scanner doesn’t work: The power saving mode blocked the Android DownloadManager.

The NEW Aurora Store ( ) works fine.

OpenCV manager is still available as part of the complete OpenCV SDK download.
However, it it deprecated so these apps should stop using it and embed the OpenCV library instead.

@Licaon_Kter You are right. The new Aurora Store is working. But I can’t find the Opencv Manager App (org.opencv.engine). It doesn’t seem to be available on Play Store anymore.
@Rudloff I downloaded the whole SDK zip for Android and extract it (version 4.1.0), but it doesn’t contain any .apk-file.

The Opencv Manager App downloaded by Open Note Scanner is outdated and doesn’t work with Form-N-Fun.

It is only available in version 3 of the SDK.

Thank you for your answer. Now I had the chance to test that game and use opennotescanner, but the two apps aren’t that cool I thougth before using it :-/

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