OpenCamera does not save in "new" folder - Android 8

Because the internal storage memory became small, I moved many apps into the SD card.
About the apps which I used since that, I noticed no problem until jet - except 2 inconveniences:

  1. The app icons sometime disappear (about this I maybe will make another post) .
  2. The app OpenCamera cannot save photos → the current topic

So I changed the storage folder as suggested on Open Camera Help
Save location - Select the folder to store the resultant photos or videos in.
On Android 9 or earlier: This opens a file dialog. Click on a folder (or “Parent Folder”) to navigate through the filesystem. Select “New Folder” to create a new folder in the currently displayed folder. Select “Use Folder” to choose the currently displayed folder. Note that on Android, there are some folders that cannot be written to - Open Camera will display a message if you try to use one of these folders.

The new storage folder is set on: /SD-Karte von SanDisk/DCIM/OpenCamera.
Nevertheless OpenCamera cannot save images. After each snap OpenCamera crashes and in the save folder you find no new photo.
However OpenCamera can show other old photos in the same folder.

Do you know any hints to handle that?

Try to report this to the app developers: Open Camera / Tickets / #682 Photos not saved to external storage


thanks a lot for your suggestion!
As you noticed, the item was already known there quite 2 years ago and it involves evidently not only Lineage OS 17.17 / Android 10.
I considered the option to post ( to confirm) it with my report. But:
a) the smartphone I’m using has a not updated android 8.1.0 - This is surely no more widely diffused
b) I’ve recently bought a new smartphone with android 10. This is in the setting phase yet. Just now I tested, if Open Camera can save photos on SD card and yes, it can!
So I decided not to post anything in Open camera Tickets.

Maybe it would be better to correct the title of this tags in:
OpenCamera does not save in “new” folder - Android 8.1.0
but I don’t know how.

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