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a while back I installed this free keyboard to prevent possible spying. The problem is that this keyboard doesn’t have a good support from the developer, I guess because of lack of time.

In some apps like games, word predictions are not shown and it’s a bug known by the author but it’s been like that for several months and he doesn’t publish an update to fix it.

My question is, is there any other keyboard app that has a good word prediction? This is important for faster typing. Some free keyboards I have tried have a bad word prediction.

Thank you.

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Have you tried AnySoftKeyboard? The developer of that one is pretty active.


I tried that keyboard some time ago but its word prediction is really bad, you practically have to type everything manually.

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Hi jony127,

this is a (hand edited) list of apps in f-droid which may be similar to OpenBoard. No idea how good word prediction works on any of them, but anyway here it goes:


Hello jony127,

I hope this message doesn’t get flagged. No idea what I did wrong. Anyway, the best keyboard I’ve ever used that has zero permissions actually isn’t on F-Droid. It’s called Multiling OKeyboard. It’s extremely small in size and you can tweak literally everything about it. You can also download dictionaries for different languages and plugins like AutoComplete. It’s not the best of the best at that (well-funded keyboards that spy on you are), but it really isn’t bad at all. It also allows swipe typing. I have no complaints whatsoever, and it’s 100% free. Seeing that it’s very customizable the only thing that’s a slight pain is the initial setup… but that’s also what makes it so incredible: you have the exact keyboard you want on all your devices.


For the Play Store (use Aurora Store from F-Droid to get it anonymously without a Google account): search for its package name: kl.ime.oh
I removed the direct link in case that was why my message was flagged.

If someone flagged my previous message as spam please tell me why… it clearly wasn’t.

Does Anysoftkeyboard respect your privacy?

In case my previous message is never unflagged:
Search for Multiling OKeyboard (not on fdroid). It’s free, tiny in size, uses zero permissions, highly customizable, supports swipe, and is pretty darn good at word prediction (install the plugins and dictionaries). Package name = kl.ime.oh

This is not correct. It uses two permissions:

  • Vibrate. This is uncritical.
  • Internet access. This would allow to send all your typed text to a server. They probably don’t do that but because the app is not open-source, we can not verify that.

Their Google Play description contains a list of keywords for SEO. That does not look too trustworthy…

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AnySoftKeyboard is open-source and does not request the internet permission. I trust the app but I have not checked its full source code.


Thank you.

My bad. The original version didn’t have those permissions, but the updated version does. Still, I have a firewall, and I assure you there are zero records of it ever being used to connect to anything. If you have a good firewall and know how to use it you control your apps, not the other way around.

@infinitelight the keyboard app you linked to is not free software as far as I can see, right? But it is indeed distributed free of charge on google play.

Have you considered writing the author a friendly email asking them he they considered releasing it under a free software license that it can be distributed here on F-Droid as well?

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I’ve tried that keyboard and it’s interesting, light and very configurable. Too bad it’s not open source which is what I was looking for.

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