Open with app – suggestion

example: text.txt

if i tap text.txt, does any app provide list of all available apps in my device

currently my file manager app does not provide list

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file manager provides list of apps, however i want to see more apps OR an app with correct intents

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Apps that support TXT need to advertise this. Not sure what you want? Force random apps to open random filetypes that they might not support?

Does help?

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If your “filemanager” does not show you a list of matching apps that can open “test.txt” there may be two reasons for this:

  • your “filemanager” does not implement “pick from a list of matching apps”. There are filemanagers that do support this feature.
  • there is no or only one app on your phone that can open “test.txt”.

Since we donot know which filemanager you are using, what apps are installed on your device and which android-version you are using we cannot give you more answers.

An android developper can use intentintercept to analyse how “open with matching app” works.

For details see

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I find Open Link With… (Open links from browsers with any application you want!) most useful for this purpose.

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