Open Source Apple Music client

I wish to install and use Apps only from F-Droid
With that principle I know and trust that the apps good quality and no spyware.

I am now Apple Music user

Apple Music available in browser but ***** DRM.

How to use Apple Music on a phone with only F-Droid apps (de-google).

Because when I lock screen browser based solution not working

Ask to Apple the source code :smile:

DRM is anti compatible with FOSS

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Apple Music will never work without Google Play? Is this correct?

Apple Music will never work without Google Play? Is this correct?

It won’t work without Digital Restrictions Management, which is essentially incompatible with the values of free software. You should choose between your freedom and Apple Music.


I need to get my music from torrents like earlier?
Where you get music? :slight_smile: but you can stream Youtube…

There are many sites for free streaming/download “music” including (but not limited to):

However, if you are looking for mainstream, popular music, you are likely limited to sites/services with DRM.

just curious why Netflix and Disney+ are running on my Debian Desktop?

Can I stream from Youtube only audio? Do you use NewPipe? Maybe I give it a try, but I not like the Google tracking.

Yes I prefer mainstream music. Maybe I go back to torrents, but the effort much higher than streaming and also “not legal”

Using only FOSS software? No DRM binary bits?

I don’t know what I did. How to be sure on my Debian no DRM stuff?
Sorry, but now it’s off-topic

Well, that depends. If you are streaming them through the browser, then it is a setting you can check. In Firefox/ice weasel/cat, it is under settings and the “general” tab, about half way down.

Open source DeezLoader program ?

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There is a Telegram Bot for listening to music.

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For shure its Better to use AppleMusic as streaming from YouTube.
I was using Apple for last 12 years. Should I kick it off and start streaming from google now? I think its bad idea.
I’ve sold my last iPhone11pro last week and got a Mi6 with LOS17.1 . All the effort and Ideas to get Music from different other Sources are gone away.
Now I’ve found 2 ways (for me). Not really FOSS but 50℅.

  1. On one of my Servers i’ve installed Audio Server and using UltraSonic App to streaming my own music.
  2. I’ve installed AppleMusic from AuroraStore and I’m blocking the google trackers.

Why not still using it? It’s ways better as Youtube streaming and all the other ideas. If you want FOSS then take only option 1. And stream only you own music.
By the way, Spotify and TIDAL have much more trackers built in then AppleMusic.



It is working very good without google play+services. I’m using it on LineageOS 17 and 16

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thank you very much @capa77
very helpful

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I buy mine on Bandcamp whenever possible, the music is DRM-free and available in lossy and lossless compression.

This only attracts spammers, and there’s no actual fix to talk about.