Open Source Android Calculator Apps

Searching for calculators on F-Droid brings not as much results as expected, mainly Calculator by Simple Mobile Tools, the classic one and this notification calculator. I was thinking there would be more open source calculators out in the wild so anyone who knows an alternative is welcome to post here. Thanks! :kissing_heart:

Add Izzy’s repo and the kde repo.
There are quite a few to choose from.

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You can use μMath+ if you really need something powerful

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cannot claim that this is a complete list (it is not). But maybe it helps nevertheless.
The diagram includes 3 apps available from Izzy’s repo and the kde repo as proposed by craigevil

(the diagram was generated with ./app_match.R -f index-v1.json,izzy/index-v1.json,,tagesschau/index-v1.json -d multi_repo -m 0xff -v 3 -n 20 )


Thanks for your suggestions! They look great. :+1:

IIRC the GeoGebra apps are open source but they are not in F-droid so maybe someone could try and get them into F-droid.

GeoGebra is not compatible with F-Droid as their license only allows free usage for non-commercial stuff.
But the software is great though. :ok_hand:

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