Online Spreadsheet - A possible solution for us?


I remember some people talking about how much we need a Office suite solution in F-Droid. And that made me think about web based solutions. I did find several options, I tried some and these 2

Seem like reasonable options. Would it make sense to try to run these locally in an Android device (inside of a browser) and use them as spreadsheet?
I don’t know if it is more complex than it seems (I tried donwloading the github zip file and couldn’t get it to run in my browser, but maybe that is just lack of knowledge on my part), but I would be happy to have these at least running (better than no spreadsheet which is what we have right now, and even the CollaboraOffice thing will be too heavy I think for older devices).

Thanks for any feedback.

How about this:

Collabora Office will be a great app, but only for newer devices and even so not all custom roms will be able to run it. I did mention that in my OP.

I am looking for alternative solutions, because for example my device cannot run LibreOffice Viewer nor Collabora Office.

I hope to get a HTML5/Javascript spreadsheet running on my device, but would prefer to do it locally instead of online (privacy matters).

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