Oneplus 3T - FOSS ROM

Dear All,

what is the best FOSS ROM for my Oneplus 3T?

My first choices were DivestOs, GrapheneOS and CalyxOS… But I cannot install them on this devices.

I have E/OS and it looks good BUT it has been criticized negatively in the previous post for security lags.

Arrow, Pixel Experience are also Lineage OS forks with some security bugs due to customizations (or am I wrong and they are safe?)

AftermarktOS has a session for Oneplus3T but I need to play with portability a lot…risking to freeze the device. Any of you has installed?

Ubuntu Touch: I tried it but apps were not so many and security was not the max: old Linux kernel.

Mobian is only for Oneplus6T but unstable…

Any advices?

Shall I really come back to install official Oneplus OxygenOS to be safe?

Thanks for any replies on this topics


Why not DivestOS?

LineageOS and DivestOS are available for this device and working fine.

Obviously, the one you made yourself.


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