On Donations to F-Droid

Recently I was celebrating three years of owning a Fairphone. As I realized later, this also means that I have been relying on F-Droid for the last three years. In all that time I have ignored the small hint

F-Droid is powered by your donations.

Now it’s time to change that. However, before I send money, I have two questions/remarks.

  1. Personally, I prefer bank transfer over Paypal, but in this case I am not sure about transaction fees. Within the eurozone bank transfer is free, but what about bank transfer from a, say, German bank account to the British bank account of F-Droid? Are there any additional fees or an unfair currency conversation rate?

  2. I think it would be interesting to have some general information about the state of donations. Something like a statement of the form: “Last year we received XY in donations but our expenses were YZ.” The GnuPG project has such a very nice summary, for example.


I think only @Ciaran or @hans can give more information about the state
of donations. Here is the development progress of
, though.

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We don’t get charged anything for receiving bank transfers, we do for PayPal. For the bank transfer, there might be charges for the sender.

Regarding the information, you’re right, and I’m going to be publishing something along those lines soon,


Maybe something like Software in the Public Interest could be an option as well (tax deductible in some countries).


Is there a page that gives information about F-Droid Income and how cost the F-Droid Infrastructure?
I think this is a page that will be interesting to know more about the project and maybe to make people give some money to help you.


I would like to donate but I am also dependent on donations and earn something via LTC.

With Friendly Greetings, Gerrit