Is fdroid provide any annual reports?

Is provide any annual report?

if yes, then where is it

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Financial or APK stats or what?

Activities and financial

No, we don’t provide any annual reports. In the past, there were quite regular “This Week in F-Droid” posts, but those stopped because of the lack of volunteers.

Regarding financial reports, this is the last statement I know about:

What I know is that the money that comes in through bank transfers is used by @Ciaran to pay all the hardware and server costs.

Publishing Annual report is always healthier for org and i believe you know the importance of it.
I hope that it will be released this year.

There are annual reports filed in the UK, since F-Droid Limited is a UK corporation. Click on the corporate number on the about page to see them. They are not so interesting, since F-Droid Limited receives not so much money each year.


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