On application page, links are shown in raw HTML tag

On Riot.im application page, links are shown in raw HTML tag (i.e. <a></a>) whereas, on wiki page links are properly shown.

see: underlined lines in the above image.

I checked the metadata content on Gitlab for Riot.im application there links are in <a></a> HTML tag. Seems like this problem happens at the time of translating wiki to application page.

The Wiki is obsolete (except 5 pages about current build cycle), so don’t bother with that.

The HTML tags in metadata support is kinda…like this: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroidclient/issues/1000

Eg. Moving that to their repo it suddenly stats working https://f-droid.org/en/packages/de.pixart.messenger/ pulled from https://github.com/kriztan/Pix-Art-Messenger/tree/master/metadata/en-US

How could I find the page from which Riot.im application page fetch data? Similar to metadata/en-US page for Pix-Art_Messenger application.

F-droid.org search “riot” press metadata

Seems like metadata are submitted by manually through pull request. I was thinking that this is an automated process (fetch data from applications source code repository and arrange it in YML format). Can anyone make a pull request on Fdroiddata repository or only application developers are allowed?

Anyone can make one, but depends on changes…

This needs developer support, to host and keep up to date this info in their repo

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